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Wen Day on Wednesday Promoting TFA

Kick Off “Wen Day on Wednesday” Promoting Thai Future Foods
For Better Health and Better Environment with Thailand’s Future Food Companies.

Bangkok – 31 March 2023: Thai Future Food Trade Association, together with its members and Informa Markets Thailand, launched a new campaign called “Wen Day on Wednesday” in the Fi Asia Forum Holistic Perspective at Meeting Room 211 of the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in order to promote the consumption of future foods among Thai consumers and food service operators. Future foods from Thailand are now gaining traction with more varieties, superior taste, better nutrition and friendlier environmental practices.

Dr. Visit Limluecha, chairman of the Thai Future Food Trade Association, shared that Thailand is striving to become one of the global future food leaders, which will raise food industry competitiveness and export revenue. In order to achieve this leadership, it is important that future food consumption in the country grow at much faster rate than it does today. So we launched “Wen Day on Wednesday” campaign to invite Thai consumers and food service operators such as restaurants, canteens, schools, hotels, and hospitals to offer future foods on Wednesday of every week.

Dr. Visit Limluecha recalled the international campaign of Meatless Monday, which encourages people to consume less meat; and in Thailand we have a color scheme for each day, and Wednesday’s color is Green, which is the color of health, freshness, sustainability. We also played on the word “Wen”, which in Thai means “avoid or skip” against the English word “Wednesday”, which is middle of the weekdays. The middle of the week allows operators to prepare and for consumers to give future food a try once a week. We would like to see more variety, deliciousness, and convenient in our food of the future.

What can we “Wen” or “Skip”? 1: Large animals – to try alternative meat from plants, mushrooms, fermentation or insect sources. 2: Agrochemicals – to try organically grown foods. 3: Medicines – to try functional foods, which help various human bodily functions. And 4: Hospitalization – for patients who need medical foods now available for consumption at home.

Thailand has many companies and startups innovating in all four future food areas. These companies are creating new food products to satisfy demand from consumers both domestic and abroad. The trend for future foods is growing due to the demand for healthier foods and more environmentally friendly food options.

21 Future Food brands are participating in this launch: Meat Avatar, VG4Love, Let’s Plant Meat, Mantra, More Meat, Lamai, Velimeat, Absolute Plant, Mon Amour, Bounce, Meble Snack, Meatly, alt. Eatery, OMG Meat, SMS, Never Meat, Eggyday, V Farm, Mudjai, Sewiito Kap Kap, Swees.

“Wen Day on Wednesday” is one of many initiatives of the Thailand Future Food Trade Association to accelerate the growth of Thai industry under the vision of “Driving the Thailand future food industry toward higher food safety, food security and holistic growth.”